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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Who is watching your homeschooling?

If you live in the jurisdiction of the 13th Chancery district court in Mississippi, then Judge Joe Dale Walker is trying to watch your homeschooling, that's who! Earlier in April, Judge Walker issue a court order demanding school attendance officer provide a list of all homeschooling students in their districts. Why does he want such an unconstitutionally obtained list. There is some evidence that Judge Walker wants to crack down on those using homeschooling as a cover for deliquency, but it is quite interesting that his order does not seem to have originated in any specific court case. Apparently the mood hit him and he ordered it...
Thankfully, HSLDA responded and asked a higher court to block Judge Walker's court order. The higher court ordered the judge to respond by April 18th, explaining his actions. We are now waiting for the conclusion of this standoff which could have far reaching implications for many other sitations. If a judge can just demand a list of names such as Tea Party members, a specific religious group, or you name it, then our privacy will be non-existent.
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