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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Obama's Plans for UN CRC Ratification

The following comes from a recent national Parental Rights.Org newsletter and reminds us why we can't sit back and trust our Senate to say no to the UN CRC.

"On March 10, the Obama administration told the UN Human Rights Council that it supports the UNHRC's recommendations that the United States should "ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child [CRC]." Moreover, the administration promised that it "intend[s] to review how we could move toward its ratification.""

The current administration does not care that American parents would vastly oppose this treaty if they had even the slightest understanding of it. They will spin this into a humanitarian jesture or something absurd in order to entice a few republicans over to vote forit. Then we are in even deeper water.

So why don't American parents stand up and stop it? BECAUSE you haven't told them what they need to know about this issue! The only thing needed for the CRC to win is our silence.

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  1. You say it is a truth that this convention is bad. You say it is fact that it will destroy the american family. You leave out the FACT that Somalia (an almost lawless land) is the only other nation that has not signed the treaty. Personally I would like to hope that America is better than that.


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