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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Part 21 When Will It Happen?

Tying these together, we have Biblical responsibilities and legal rights, yet are faced with a UN treaty wishing to intervene with those Biblical responsibilities by degrading those parental freedoms in how we raise our children. We see the worldview and the dangerous treaty which implements it, but when will it happen? How close is this storm that threatens the fabric of the family.

We have discussed the background, philosophy, and the treaty itself, but is there any real urgency to this issue. Yes, there are several reasons to be concerned that this treaty could rear its ugly head at any time. Our State Department is already processing this treaty for presentation to the US Senate. No one knows exactly when this will come, but keep it mind who wants the treaty to be ratified. President Obama supports it. Secretary of State Clinton has wanted it for a long time. Senator Susan Boxer has been pushing for the treaty. Our US Ambassador to the UN supports it. Several organizations are rallying behind the treaty and actively supporting it. Finally, a conference was even held at Georgetown University to strategize on how to get the treaty ratified.

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