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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Call Blitz for Tennessee's Senators

To All Tennessee Concerned Parents,
Last week, Senator Jim DeMint introduced SR99, a resolution opposing the ratification of the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child. He has 28 other original cosponosrs as well as 2 more Senators that signed up after the introduction. That makes 31 of the 34 we need to successfully stop any chance that the UN CRC will pass the Senate hurdle to ratification.
The bad news is that our two Tennessee Senators are not in that list of 31. Senator Alexander and Senator Corker have repeatedly resisted any firm commitment to oppose this horrendous treaty. We are asking you to call our two Senators this week and politely ask them to protect parental freedoms by signing on as a cosponsor of SR 99.
Stopping the UN CRC and the worldview behind it is essential for the future of our children. Please take the time to call our Senators and also to share this information with other parents and friends who will also call. If you want to read "Why Cosponsor S.R. 99?" before calling, go HERE. To read the bill itself, go HERE.

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R)
D.C. Office: 202-224-4944
Click here for more contact information

Sen. Bob Corker
D.C. Office 202-224-3344
Click here for more contact information

If you have friends in other states that need to hear about this, send them this link to check if their Senators have signed up.

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