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Saturday, October 23, 2010

CPS Baby Snatchers! Bagels and Oathkeepers Beware!

Good evening American Parents,
I want to interupt my current series for a special article. This article should rattle any parent, especially any that eats bagels or joins organizations which stand for protecting our country's liberties. What do bagels and liberty have in common with Child Protective Services? Both can cause Child Protective Services to abduct your newborn baby and then to accuse you of being an unfit parent.

First, a Pennsylvanian woman was obviously ecstatic earlier this month having given birth to a healthy little baby. She left the hospital with her bundle of joy in her arms, unsuspecting of the nightmare that was soon coming to her door. What happened next that was so horrible? County welfare workers came knocking on her door and left her home carrying that little bundle of joy within a day or two. What? How did that happen? Simple... Mom's urine drug screen showed opiates at the hospital. The story doesn't seem complete in the news yet, probably since the ACLU is looking to represent her in a lawsuit against the hospital. However, the simple facts, as are being publicized, are that this Mom did something horrendously offensive... she ate a bagel. Yes, a bagel... with "poppy seeds" before coming to the hospital. For those of you who don't know the science, opium is made from poppy seeds, the very same poppy seeds that you can purchase on your favorite bagel shop bagel. A urine drug screen done after such a bagel just might give anyone a positive opiate result. Anyway, all ended on a much happier note. The bundle of joy has been returned to the Mom safe and sound. As icing on the cake, the ACLU, normally one of my least favorite lawyer organizations, is actually working to protect parent's rights from such nightmarish future occurences. Hurray! (For links go here .)

Last, but possibly just as frightening: Don't join any organization that could be construed as a militia and don't buy any guns or tasers before your wife has a baby. Why not? Because the New Hampshire Division of Family Child Services might deceptively wheel your new little bundle of joy down the hall and start frisking you right in the hospital room. What could provoke normally polite social workers and their police escorts to perform such a dastardly deed? According to the legal affadavit filed by the DFCS, the reason was that the father was a member of a militia organization called "Oathkeepers". If you don't know of this group, you should finish this blog and go read about them immediately. They are a noble group of current or ex-servants of our society (police officers, firefighters, etc.) who pledge to uphold our constitution and our nation. Back to the story. Last word is that the parents are waiting with hope for a coming reunion with their newborn, but nothing final yet. (For links go here or here.)

The moral of the story. While many social workers and child protection service employees are well-intentioned, the system itself is corrupted with the philosophy that parents are guilty until proven innocent. This leads even the noble intentioned workers into all sorts of harmful behaviors against parents. It is not just the United Nations and their crazy treaties that are out to get American families, it is our own fellow citizens who have been brainwashed into believing that the government always knows best and therefore should dictate every last aspect of even our private lives. God FORBID....

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  1. Lawyers and Judges speek out against state sanctioned Kidnappings Nation Wide! See on Youtube ........Deconstructing America.......


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