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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is destructive to the tradition of parental rights in America. The treaty sets what appears to the casual reader to be a benign standard in its Article 3 of seeking the “best interest of the child” which is hard to disagree with. Later it adds Article 18, which places the government in the role of delegating to parents the "responsibility" to raise their children. Obviously, if the government "gives" that right, it can determine how parents should carry out that responsibility and hold them accountable. Article 6 of our own constitution then makes this international human rights treaty, if ratified by 67 of our U.S. Senators, the Supreme Law of the Land, practically equal to the constitution. The only recourse of protection from this “supremacy” is explicit wording denying it in our own Constitution which I will explain in the future. Scanning through the rest of the treaty, one finds what the United Nations defines as the “best interests of the child” and these definitions may startle most of you (at least I hope you understand it well enough to see the underlying reality). The government will decide what is best for your child based on this treaty. The treaty guarantees protection of privacy to children even in their own home. The treaty encourages children to appeal parental decisions, with which they disagree, to government authorities as final arbiters. The government is charged with protecting the child’s right to access information deemed “best” for them. The government is also charged with overseeing the education of children. Given their current success in education or lack of it, this should be frightening to all, whether home schooled or private schooled or even in public schools. And one last note, the government will protect your child’s right to health care which according to other U.N. treaties and practices, will mean contraceptive access and abortion without parental consent. Ultimately, the government becomes the decision maker and the parent simply must carry out the values and intent of the government.

A simple way to understand this is: the federal government is the new parent, the United Nations is the grandparent, and we, the parents, become the babysitters, carrying out the government's instructions.

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  1. This is one more thing which we cannot allow the gov to take over. Pete Hoekstra, MI congressman, is a big advocate for parental rights. you might want to check him out and see what he has to say.


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