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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good Morning Tennessee!
I want to post an important "Call to Action" for Parental Rights here on my blog. Please read below and consider joining other voices across Tennessee in standing for parental rights.
July Congressional Contact Campaign
As citizens of this great state and noble country, we must be eternally vigilant in holding our leaders accountable to those whom they serve. Our U.S. Congressmen serve as a privilege, not a right, and owe their constituents a respectful ear.
In order to win our battle for Parental Rights, we must interact with our U.S. Congressmen in a clear and forceful manner, yet respectful of the duty they carry out. We are therefore planning a phone campaign for July 21-23 (NOTE: 1 day shift from last e-mail update in order to coordinate across the nation) to all our Congressmen, both Representatives and Senators. For those who have not committed their support to the Parental Rights Amendment, we will ask their stance on the issue, explain concisely our reasons against the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and ask for them to join as a cosponsor of the amendment. For the handful of Tennessee Representatives who have pledged their support, we want to e-mail a simple "I want to thank Rep. ________ for their support of American Parents in their sponsorship of the Parental Rights Amendment." For a simple script on how to talk with your Congressman about this issue, go to Forms and Flyers and click on the link titled " Easy Script for Calling Congressmen". To find your US congressmen's contact information, go to www.congress.org or click Forms and Flyers above and click on "Tennessee Call to Action".
Please join the voices of other parents across Tennessee on one of these three days in July. Together our voices will be heard.

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  1. Socialist/Marxist government want to minimized parental influence on a child. Hence the emphasis on preschool and after-school activities. Parents are not encouraged to parent. They might say the wrong thing.

    I am swinging by from SGP Blogger Club. I followed your blog. You can find me at http://mainfo.blogspot.com/


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