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Sunday, November 28, 2010

"A Quiet Threat to Homeschooling"

An undated article caught the attention of a friend recently. This article, as titled above, describes an intellectual trend that may catch many parents (not only homeschoolers) off guard. The article addresses a simple idea: "Children have a constitutional right to learn about beliefs and ways of life other than those of their parents, and the state has a duty to secure that right for them." Rob Reich, a political science and education professor at Stanford University, argued exactly that at the 2001 Convention of the American Political Science Association.

If you don't read the entire article, at least consider the pieces I have included here. The following quote is directed at homeschoolers, but it takes little imagination to see how all parents would be affected by the application of this philosophy in our legal system.

"In his writings, Reich proposes that homeschooling should be monitored by the state to ensure that parents teach their children beliefs and lifestyles that they may oppose - that parents may even believe to be evil."

A reviewer of Reich's book on Amazon said it well in describing the purpose of this philosophy:

“The leading goal of education is to develop autonomy in children.”

This is the worldview which confronts our parenting, our children, and the future of our families' coming generations. Will you please begin to pray and then take up your battle armor?


  1. So do children have rights? If so, what are these? If not, what is the status of children? Are they owned by their parents? Or are they 'held in trust' by their parents? The former equates to no rights, maybe privileges granted. The latter says they have rights but one can argue those rights are not those of adults but ones they hold precisely because of their immaturity and dependence. Which will you be praying for? Which is God given under your Constitution? Be careful how you answer for sure. There is a parental right - to have and love children. What is a right and what is a parental duty after that depends on your first answer.

  2. Dear Come Out to Play,
    I will be posting my response to your questions later today or early tomorrow. I initially planned to respond quickly in this comment, but your challenge deserves a thorough and full response that is beyond a comment. I also think it touches on something that all should read in an actual post.
    Please look back in the next 24 hours for my posting.
    Eric Potter MD


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