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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hot, Sexy, and Safer for your High Schoolers ?

Forgive the racy title, but you must read this court case (synopsis -- full court decision) in which a "Massachusetts public high school hosted a mandatory, school-wide assembly conducted by Hot, Sexy, and Safer Productions. This assembly was characterized as an AIDS awareness and sexual education program." Parents sued as there was no notification nor any opt-out opportunity, but the parents LOST the suit.

Some of the quotes from the decision are below:

"...the Supreme Court has yet to decide whether the right to direct the upbringing and education of one's children is among those fundamental rights whose infringement merits heightened scrutiny."

"We do not think, however, that this freedom encompasses a fundamental constitutional right to dictate the curriculum at the public school to which they have chosen to send their children."

"We ... find that the rights of parents as described by Meyer and Pierce do not encompass a broad-based right to restrict the flow of information in the public schools."

Those of us who homeschool currently feel a little safer from such legal insanity as this, but we must remember two things. First, this insanity will find its way into our homes one day if we don't stop it dead in its tracks now. Second, our friends next door, next to us on the church pew, and our relatives with school age children need to know about this. Only if we all band together will our voices have any chance of being heard. You must begin raising your voice now by forwarding this e-mail, by inviting one of us to speak to your groups, by sharing your concerns with everyone you. Please, don't wait any longer.

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  1. I just finish the book, "Grand Illusions: the Legacy of Planned Parenthood" by Dr. G. Grant, there is a chapter devoted to school curricula type stuff entirely. Planned Parenthood is malthusist bent ,prejudice to the core and completely perverted in their sexual mentorship. Why does this matter? Planned Parenthood is the PRIMARY source of Sexual Education in our Public School System, it has financial backing from our government.
    Total bill of Goods. We need to get Planned Parenthood out of our schools.


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