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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Action Item to Protect Parental Rights

Good Morning,

If you are new to this blog, you may not be aware of the threat posed to the American family by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN CRC). While our website at ParentalRights.Org or postings further down in this blog can provide the full story, I will simply say here that this treaty will place the federal government in the legal position of dictating how each of you raise your children. Forget the takeover of healthcare and banking. This is worse, telling parents what they can teach their child, where they can send them to school, how they are permitted to discipline them, and much more. All of this will be monitored by the United Nations. They even want to allow children to petition directly to the UN when they disagree with parental decisions. Absurd!

There are many ways our organization is fighting this threat. The most urgent method is Senate Resolution 519 (SR519). SR519 simply states resolute opposition to the UN CRC. This resolution, if it can gain 34 cosponsors, would effectively close the door on any chance of the UN CRC being ratified (treaties require 67 "yes" votes for ratification). 34 "no"'s is the major number to guarantee its defeat.

Amazingly, Senators Alexander and Corker HAVE NOT committed their suppor of this resolution?!? Therefore I am asking each of you to call our Senators and ask why they will not become cosponsors while urging them to listen to your objections to the treaty. (If you live outside of Tennessee, go to THIS LINK to learn whether or not your Senator is cosponsoring SR 519).

While I could provide a list of our Senator's previously expressed excuses, it is simply a matter of either procrastination, disregard for the traditional family, or secret support of the treaty on their part. We must challenge them to choose sides in this battle and reveal their true colors. There is too much at stake for a position of neutrality (actually, no neutrality truly exists on this matter).
Thank you for your time and effort spent protecting our precious sons and daughters as well as for all the work you do in protecting our freedoms. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Our Senator's contact information is below:

Senator Lamar Alexander
DC office:
Phone: (202) 224-4944
Fax: (202) 228-3398

Link to local offices:

Senator Corker
DC office:
Main: 202-224-3344
Fax: 202-228-0566

Link to Local offices:

Protecting children by empowering parents,

Eric Potter MD

Tennessee Director for Parental Rights.Org


  1. The problem the PRA lobby has is that not one of the arguments used to oppose ratification holds water. Nowhere do they bother to mention that not one of their alleged consequences has happened anywhere else in the world? Or do they ever answer the question, what rights do they say children have? The hidden agenda is to oppose any idea that children have the right to choose their religious beliefs or to receive ideas their parents do not want them to hear.

  2. Dear Jan,
    Obviously, your main concern is that children should not be forced to follow a particular religion and should be allowed to receive unhindered whatever ideas are presented to them. Later I will address glaring fallacies and other untruths in your statement above, but for now I will comment only on what seems to be your main concern.
    I can only speak for myself in answering this, but I will wholeheartedly agree that parents should have the freedom to be the main influencers of their children's belief. If parents are not afforded this right, who then decides what is right for children to be exposed to and at what age. We have a plethora of beliefs and ideas that could be presented to our children. Are they ready for sex education at age 4? Are they ready to learn about abortion at age 5? Should we show them X rated movies at age 6? Should we arrange sex parties for elementary age children? Should we teach them that no God exists if we believe that their faith will determine their happiness in life? Who gets the final word on these questions?
    There are many more questions than this, but this fact is true. What children believe at an early age will profoundly affect their beliefs throughout life. Also, what they believe will determine how they respond to life and therefore will determine what degree of joy, despair, prosperity, and failure they experience.
    What you neglect to state clearly is that if parents do not serve as the gatekeepers of influence for their children, then someone must do so. This will be the government. You also assume that the government would then be neutral and so the children would choose for themselves. Neutrality is an illusion. Teaching children that all religions are equal options is the same as teaching children that none of them are true. This is the achilles heel of post-modernistic relativity. If all conflicting beliefs are equally valid, then all are also equally false.
    In summary, I do believe that parents should be the final authority on what their children are exposed to in life. You are free to disagree, but I believe that most parents agree with me, especially if it regards their own children. If a theocracy were trying to impose religion on your children, I think you would be quite up in arms about such a governmental intrusion into your family.
    As I said earlier, I will address your misleading statements later.
    Eric Potter MD

  3. Dear Jan,
    I promised to also address your concerns about lack of proof that the "PRA lobby's" warnings are actually occurring elsewhere with this treaty. My first thought is that you have not researched very far into this issue. Many examples of the treaties effects are evident in our national website www.parentalrights.org. If you are seeking understanding in this area, please go there and find what you are claiming does not exist.

    As for answering your question "what rights do children have?" I am answering this question a second time as I recently answered it in another blog's comment section, but I'll repeat myself for argument's sake. A child has the right to be protected, raised, loved, and nurtured by a parent unless that parent commits a crime against the child. Only with that criminal conviction does the child require the government to provide intervention against the parent. While the government provides numerous regulations for daycares and schools, they do not have jurisdiction in the private home unless a crime occurs.
    I have a question for you, Jan. What is your hidden agenda?

    Concerned about your lack of research into this issue,
    Eric Potter MD

  4. Dr. Potter,

    I have called and written to both Senator Corker's and Senator Alexander's offices asking them to co-sponsor SR519. I received emails from both Senators expressing their intentions to oppose the UNCRC, yet they continue to not sign on as co-sponsors of SR519. I have noticed that Senator Corker has signed a letter of support for SR519. Any ideas on why they won't sign on as co-sponsors?

    Thanks for your work on this very important matter.

    Gary Manning
    Arlington, TN

  5. Mr. Manning,
    Thank you for your help in influencing our Senators. I wish I could understand their hesitancy as it is very frustrating to me also.
    As for Alexander, I am concerned that he, having been part of the Education Department in the past, may actually agree with some of the principles underlying the UN CRC.
    Corker seems to be coming along though. I am trying to find out why he won't cosponsor.
    Eric Potter MD


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