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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tri-lingual couple with TWO Ph.D.'s and Masters Degree are not qualified to homeschool their children?

A 2006 article by American Thinker is very pertinent to today's debate over the UN CRC, especially if you homeschool. In America, we have had legal battles about whether or not a parent must have a teaching degree or license in order to qualify for homeschooling. Relative to an incident in Belgium in 2006, that requirement is "child's play". Read below or at this LINK to learn how a father was called into the police for interrogation and informed:

"that, as a homeschooler, he has not adequately educated his children and, hence, is neglecting his duty as a parent, which is a criminal offence."

Was he or his wife somehow deficient in their own educational preparation? Let's see if their credentials fall short....

1) Father: Ph.D., fluent in Dutch, English, and French.

2) Mother: Master's degree in Linguistics, doctorate in Philology, lecturer at two universities, author of books on topics which are so intellectual that I do not even understand the titles. Gave up full-time work to homeschool their children.

If that isn't qualified, what is? What did the Ministry of Education say was their crime? They refused to sign an oath:

"respecting the respect (sic) for the fundamental human rights and the cultural values of the child itself and of others."

Please, pause, take a deep breath, and consider the implications of this philosophy (inherent in the UN CRC) on your family. You can't even hide behind a Ph.D. to prove your fitness to homeschool if you don't follow their rules.


  1. I have been very, very concerned about the UN's ROAC and the United States' growing interest in ratifying this unconstitutional "treaty". I'm fighting this the best I can. Thank you for helping in the fight.

  2. Having fancy scholastic credentials doesn't automatically make one a competent teacher. The country established its criteria, and the parents in question obviously didn't meet them.

  3. Dear History Writer,
    You are missing the point. Parents should not have to prove their ability. That would make them guilty until proven fit. If that is the country's standards, far more "teachers" are likely even more unfit to teach.
    But, to indulge your rabbit trail for a moment, your reasoning would lead one to believe that Masters degrees and Ph.D.'s are unimportant to teaching ability. While I agree that such degrees do not guarantee ability, our educational system does afford those degrees more opportunities to teach and more salary. It seems quite logical to everyone else.
    Back to the point, America has long upheld parent's right to direct the education of their own children. This treaty and this worldview would go 180 degrees opposite that tradition. Just admit that you disagree with this tradition. Please don't hide behind excuses like wanting the best for children.
    Eric Potter MD


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